We thank you for your interest in the Andria Lieu Collection.  Women around the country love the colors, textures, fit, and versatile style of our trademark tops/twin sets, and other fine pieces.  Our 15 years of continued growth makes the collection one of the most sought after contemporary missy retailing lines on the Market.


Andria Lieu grew up on the north side of Chicago and studied Fashion Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990. During her studies her experiments with the architectural and tactical qualities of knits juxtaposed with clean tailored lines earned her various awards, among them the Marshall Field Emanuel Ungaro Scholarship. After gathering experience at a menswear manufacturer, Miss Lieu launched her own company, Laqueus Inc., which produces the Andria Lieu Collection.

One glance at a woman dressed in Andria Lieu will convey that it’s very possible to be many good things at once: light, feminine, and colorful, but also modern and relaxed.

Miss Lieu’s innate sense of style, editing, and good design enable her to balance various elements, creating clothing both rich and vibrant while retaining a clean silhouette and flattering fit. Such is the result of her evolving fascination with the interplay between colors, patterns, sensuous textures, and strict tailored lines.

The Collection revolves around the indispensable staples in the modern wardrobe: the t-shirt, the twin set, the slim skirt, the ‘little nothing’ dress, the classic pant. Yet in Miss Lieu’s hands these staples become heightened and transformed through her use of European knits and high quality jerseys. Stretch filigree lace, colored and patterned knits, and classic matte jerseys are also among the various kinds of materials she prefers. Fusing these rich knits with streamlined tailoring and spare details produces a wardrobe perfect for traveling. Miss Lieu, constantly on the go herself, understands the need for maintenance-free clothes that travels beautifully.

With every new season the modern woman grows and evolves. The Andria Lieu Collection keeps pace without skipping a beat, offering her progressive style to frame her individuality while growing and evolving alongside her.

Andria Lieu Biography

Proudly Made in The  U.S.A.  For Over 20 Years!